About Canterbury Seafoods


Canterbury Seafoods are a 100% family owned and operated wholesale seafood export company.

Canterbury Seafoods started off at humble beginnings with a retail shop in 1983,
then several years later moving on to different processing factories and starting a seafood transport business,
until building our purpose built export factory in 2009 which we currently operate from.
To this day we are still committed to our core values of processing the freshest and highest quality seafood,
maintaining our strong client base and working together to make New Zealand Seafood among the best in the world.

Global Export

Canterbury Seafoods are 100% family owned and operated. We process only the highest quality, wild caught New Zealand seafood and export wholesale fresh and frozen seafood thought New Zealand and across the world.


Our purpose built processing factory is run in accordance with New Zealand’s Ministry for Primary Industries, who oversee all of our day to day operations making sure we maintain some of the highest seafood processing practices in the world.


Our fishing vessels range in size, catch capability, and fishing methods. Primarily fishing out of Lyttelton port located only 10 minutes away from our factory, all seafood is landed using the upmost care and handling techniques.


We use our own chiller and freezer trucks where possible to deliver the best product to our customers. Where we can’t use our own transport we only entrust a select few transport companies to move our product to ensure it remains in excellent condition.

Fish Species


New Zealand’s commercial fishing industry is managed and conserved by New Zealand’s world leading quota management system which was introduced in 1986.
Every kg of the 1000+ tonnes of commercial seafood that goes through Canterbury Seafoods' factory each year is accounted for through the quota management system.
We strive to maintain our practices of commercial fishing through the quota management system to preserve New Zealand’s pristine fishing grounds for many generations to come.



40 Tanya Street, Bromley, Christchurch, New Zealand +64 3 384 2800 isaac@canterburyseafoods.co.nz